I mean to literally run your own show?

I mean to literally run your own show?



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Set Your Own Stage, With An Acting-a-part Franchise!


Acting-A-Part is a school for theater, film, TV and commercial production, complete with studio and production capabilities. Acting-A-Part students participate in classes – using our scripts for theatrical performances, fillm, tv, and commercial production – in your local community. Our ideal owner has a theatrical or education background and is seeking a year round business opportunity. Acting-A-Part ownership will let you share your passion for the dramatic with students of all ages (most of our programs suit children 4-16) for after school, summer camps and enrichment classes.

Whether your role is the Program Director or you prefer to stay out of the limelight, your instructors will work with the students to develop the essential skills of theater, film and commercial production.

Our scripts – Our brand – Our system

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History & Inspiration

Our Founder, Erika Lupo and the Acting-A-Part history

Erika had a dream to create an acting school and she was inspired in many ways to fulfill that dream. Maybe her story will resonate with you and she will inspire you. If so, you may be ideal to join our cast of franchisees.

All her life, she was inspired by her family and especially her father. She grew up “in the biz” as they say with her father, Otto Salamon, a film producer. Erika was able to spend many days on movie sets and even had a few cameos in some made-for-TV films. Otto, who can be found on IMDB, made several movies for TV networks including HBO and Showtime as well as the big screen. He continues to advise Erika in her current works.

Erika would join a summer stock group in 9th grade and she was hooked! She continued to work in a variety of school based plays and musicals. Her summers were spent doing regional theater. College she majored in Creative Writing and theater. Loving the art of writing, acting and working with children. She eventually went to graduate school to become a teacher. In Maplewood and Ramsey, she taught English. Both districts did not have a middle school theater program, Erika designed it, implemented it and directed several musical and theatrical plays during her tenure at both schools. Both programs are in existence today.

In 2002, she allowed herself to fulfill her ultimate dream when she stepped out on her own to open Acting-A-Part. In 2004, with increasing enrollment and continued interest in the school, she bought the building where the current Acting-A-Part school and franchise is based. The school is located right in heart of historic Sparta, NJ within a two-hour drive to Broadway and NYC. In 2010, she added film classes and has been producing original movies of her own, all with the student actors, technical crew and editors she has taught at AAP.

Today, she knows in her heart that her participation in a high school theater group was a life-changing catalyst. At Acting-A-Part, she offers her students the opportunity to learn from her experience.

When you decide to take your step toward your future and owing an Acting-A-Part school, she will share her wealth of knowledge in this industry. She will inspire you.

Then, she will help you build a Theater and Film Studio to transform your student’s lives while you become what you have always dreamed you could be. Own an Acting-A-Part school in your local community and love what you do!

Acting-A-Part bridges the gap between liking what you do and loving what you do – create the foundation today for the professional actors, producers and directors of tomorrow.

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Ask Erika

Below you can find answers to most common questions about our frachise program.

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Why Own an Acting-A-Part?

Do you love the theater and the arts?

Do you want to inspire young actors to craft their trade?

After years of teaching and a lifetime of working in the theater, it was a natural fit for Erika Lupo to open Acting-A-Part.

If any of her history sounds like you or the life you would like to lead, then join us in small business ownership and fulfill your own dreams and open an Acting-A-Part school.


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Validation Stage

Let’s go through the process of validation

We don’t restrict anyone from applying. If you want to learn more, just fill out our simple inquiry form today to learn more about Acting-A-Part. Then, there are a few steps or stages to become a franchisee.


We will be talking with you about your aspirations for owning an Acting-A-Part school, during this stage in the process we will mutually decide if there is any “business” chemistry.

Rehearsing our roles:

Every performer and director does background study and then, they rehearse together to make sure that the show will resonate with their audience.

If, after our initial try-out, it seems like we can perform together – with you being willing to learn from us and with us supporting you in your school – only then will we conduct background study. This is a mutual study – You need to learn more about us and we need to learn more about you. We will conduct a face-to-face interview and have you visit our theater and studio for further discovery.

Show time!:

Ready to have a part in the stage and screen? Ready to join us for Director’s Boot Camp? If we both agree on our roles and there is a mutual respect for each part, we will issue you your franchise agreement and contracts. Then, we will help you with the process of finding your school and getting ready for your students’ first opening night!

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Own an Acting-A-Part School

Request Acting-A-Part Franchise Information

After all that you have read and heard “the show MUST go on!”

Will you be a part of it?

Apply for ownership and fill out the simple form below. Our franchise crew will be in touch with you for a call back soon. Or show us how interested you are now and dial 973-879-3651.

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