I had to thank you one more time. Showing Jessica that you trust her and believe and her is undoubtably the nicest gift you can give her. It is hard for me to believe that we've only known you both since January. How could that be? I feel as though you're part of our family. Thank you for being such wonderful role models. I know I've said that before, but please know I mean it.

My daughter has thoroughly enjoyed participating in many Acting-a-Part theater classes over the past two years! The young actors develop their theatrical skills in a relaxed environment.  The talented directors, music directors, and choreographers make sure the kids are having fun as they develop their confidence on stage. Owner and director Erica Lupo cares greatly about her students and ensures each has a fantastic experience. Tara Leibman (Ridgewood)

"I think ActChat is a great idea that helps me progress toward the goals I
have for improving my skills and abilities as I work on my goal to become a
voice-over talent. Each week I look forward to our virtual time together as your cheerful attitude, encouraging words, and constructive criticism help me express myself in ways I've not done before. I'm pleased with how this unique opportunity has helped me grow. At the start of each session, you ask me how I feel. With ActChat, I feel great!" Jim Ukstins - (Sparta)

"We really enjoy Mrs. Lupo and the staff at Acting-A-Part. My daughter has experienced classes in and around NYC and always wants to come back to Acting-A-Part. She credits them in providing an atmosphere that makes learning fun and comfortable. Everyone there is so kind, and they make the experience something truly wonderful. The kids leave with some great memories, ones not only of acting, but of cast camaraderie. Congrats on a great place." -Laura Sacks (Sparta)

"WOW! You just continue to thrive and grow, Erika!
A belated but well-meant thank you for another awesome Little Actor's Camp. Ashley loved being in Aladdin this summer and Ms. Kristin again was nothing short of superb.
Congrats on your new edition and on all that you have created and do for the kids!" Laurie, Guy and Ashley Rose Gordon (Sparta)


"I am writing to say thank you for an excellent experience during your Little Actors Aladdin Summer Camp. When my 4 year old was asked what she wanted to do this summer, she said I want to be on stage, Mama!!? I knew I had my work cut out for me to find a theatre company that would accept her due to her age. Living in South Jersey, we traveled to Sparta to visit family for the week based on a friend's recommendation. Every morning, my daughter was eager to attend camp- practicing her lines, asking to listen to the soundtrack, trying her best to speed up time. It was heartwarming to see Avery so excited and dedicated to acting. She would walk through the doors at drop off & beg me for the day not to be her last. Miss Kristin was amazing- as a leader and a teacher, she captivated the attention of the children in the class & created a warming environment for the Little Actors. The staff embraced my daughter's personality in the presentation of Aladdin and welcomed her with open arms. She was even given the part of Jasmine #2. I am super grateful for Acting-A-Part. You made my daughter's dream of becoming a little actress come true. It is now 5 days since the production of Aladdin, she has yet to stop singing & dancing. Your camp gave her confidence and I believe, laid the groundwork for a future in theatre. We look forward to future productions with your studio." -Tara Velho (Sparta)




My son is so into acting now, that instead of using his 'wifi allowance time' on the ipad for looking-up how to excel in his DS games, he has been using his time researching roles & how to sing songs from 'Frozen' - which he has chosen to perform in this Fall at Acting-A-Part. He makes us so proud in so many ways... — with John Mullahy.