Anti-Bullying Workshops and Assemblies

Anti-Bullying workshops and Assemblies for Elementery School Students, Middle School Students and High Schoolers

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SPARTA — Erika Lupo has a gift. She can go into a room of students, ask them to brainstorm about a certain topic and within a few minutes, she can create an impromptu script to mirror and expand their ideas. She takes such measures to build confidence, self-expression, teamwoprk and curiosity in the young.She also uses presentations at school assemblies and workshops to combat bullying.

“I love going into schools to present and I always include how I was bullied in seventh and eighth grades,” she said. “Sure, you want kids who are bullying to understand how hurtful it is, but it's also largely about those kids that are somewhere in the middle. They aren't the bullies or the victims. They're the ones who need to step in and do something to stop it.” 

In her assemblies and workshops, which she does for elementary, middle and high schools, Lupo utilizes break-out groups and an original film she made as well as other modalities to engage students' hearts, heads and hands in her programs. 

“It's important to send the powerful messages of anti-bullying and speaking up,” Lupo said. “You have to be creative, innovative, energized, powerful, fun, educational and engaging. We also address cyberbullying.” -Sparta Independent

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