Welcome to Acting-A-Part

Acting-A-Part® is a thriving, State Of The Art Theater and Film school for children of all ages, where every child is a star.  Our overriding mission is to instill every student with the creativity and self-confidence that can be gained through the arts.  AAP prides itself on creating a non-competitive environment where every child can shine. 

  • Located in 3 states:  NJ, PA & CA, AAP® offers year round classes, including summer camps and birthday parties tailored to every child’s fine art interest.
  • Curriculum changes each semester to meet the demands of our students.
  • Class ages range from 4 years old and up.

The primary goal at AAP® is to build a child’s self-confidence, while incorporating other wonderful skills the world of theater, Film, TV and the Arts can provide like;

  • increased creativity, practical problem solving, perseverance, the ability to focus and concentrate, non-verbal communications, receiving constructive feedback, the art of collaboration and teamwork, dedication, accountability & responsibility!

Studies indicate that students who have access to a drama education experience improve reading comprehension, higher standardized test scores, better attendance records and are generally more engaged in school than their non-arts counterparts.  Imagine all this while learning a love of the arts and making lifelong friends!

Since it was founded in 2002, AAP® has performed literally hundreds of theatrical performances and produced and premiered numerous films. 

Acting-A-Part®’s workshops are a hands on theatrical experience where your children will learn all aspects of theater and film. Whether the student's purpose is to turn professional, or simply enjoy all that the stage, film, television and even writing have to offer, exposure to an Acting-A-Part® experience will bring out their self- esteem and self-confidence.  

AAP® offers a wide variety of courses each semester in various genres; we truly have something for everyone!  For the younger and beginner students we have our unique Little Actors classes which cater to those kids ages 4-7, as well as our more advanced theater and film classes for those students Tween & Teen students ages 7-15.  We also offer private acting, voice or musical instructions.  Each season offers a different set of classes so visit the web for what is available this semester but keep in mind if you don’t see it this semester it could be there next semester, or give us a call and let us know what you are looking for!

AAP® is comprised of a gifted and talented staff of professional directors, educators, choreographers, musical accompanist and assistants who are here to help you every step of the way.  Dedicated to the students the staff members cater and nurture their craft as well as their students’ talents. 

It is our hope and desire that every child that leaves AAP® experiences all the magic the arts has to offer, as well as instills upon them the self-confidence that they are capable of anything they desire to work towards in their future.  We here at AAP® are all the better for having worked with their shining souls!

We can’t imagine anything more enjoyable that sharing our love of the Arts with you and your family, so come along and join us!! 

We look forward to meeting you soon at Acting-A-Part®